Star Spotting: The Wanted's Max George Fist-Pumped With Mickey Rourke, And It's As Epic As You'd Expect (PHOTO)

Max George partied with Mickey Rourke. TRUE STORY!

Max George fist-pumping with Mickey Rourke is a STUNNING sight. 

First, we'll have to call a teeeeny tiny late pass on the above photo of The Wanted's Max George "Jersey Shore"-style fist pumping with -- wait for it -- MICKEY ROURKE!! You know, the tough guy actor from "The Wrestler" who made you cry? (And who did seriously naughty kitchen stuff with Kim Basinger in "Nine 1/2 Weeks"?) Right, him. And yes, this photo happened like a day or so ago, but then again, would you have wanted us to just pretend it never happened? Because then you'd be living in a world where you didn't know that boy banders partied with old(er) actors who wear beanies, and that would be a very sad world. So actually, you should thank us.

The Buffalo Jeans model hit up Rose Club where, after presumably a few beverages, he ran into Mickey Rourke and Welsh boxer Joe Calzaghe. While we don't know the exact exchange that went down between this incredible posse, we have a feeling Mickey was like "Max! I'm loving 'Walks Like Rihanna,'" and then Max was like "Thanks! By the way your performance in 'The Wrestler' was SO METHOD." Then, the Three Musketeers posed for a quick fist-pumping Kodak moment. Or, in other words, if you ever wondered what Mickey Rourke looked like standing next to "the hot one" from a boy band (JK, all the members of The Wanted are "the hot one"), then today is your lucky day. And the answer to that last question would be "AWESOME."

Photo credit: @MaxTheWanted