Watch Katy Perry, Adam Lambert, Macklemore, Ke$ha, Lance Bass, And More Celebs Sing Bonnie McKee's 'American Girl' (VIDEO)

Listen to Bonnie McKee's "American Girl."

Bonnie McKee's got a new solo record, "American Girl," and her famous friends APPROVE.

Before we begin, can we just have a group screaming session to say, FINALLY!!! Bonnie McKee solo stuff! In honor of Bonnie's new song, "American Girl," a few of her closest pals (i.e. everyone she's written hit songs for), like Katy Perry, Adam Lambert, Ke$ha, Macklemore, Lance Bass, and MORE, got together to make a video singing her new record! If that's not a pop star #emo moment, we don't know what is.

Watch Katy Perry, Adam Lambert, Macklemore, Lance Bass, and more sing Bonnie McKee's "American Girl" after the jump.

Before we delve into the celeb-packed video, we'll just come right out and say that if you ever wondered what a perfect pop song sounded like, then pay close attention to "American Girl." Bonnie's solo jam features sparkling pop production, a booming and surging chorus, and a verse that should literally just be called "hooks on hooks on hooks on hooks." Oh, and LYRICS, because if you're not intrigued by a song that begins with: "Fell in love in a 7/11 parking lot/ Sat on the curb drinking Slurpees we mixed with alcohol/ We talked about all our dreams and how we would show 'em all," then you just don't like pop music. At all. And you should probably leave this blog immediately to visit or something.

And now on to the video, which features basically every famous person in pop music singing along to Bonnie's new jam. Katy Perry's serenading a teddy bear in bed, Ke$ha's decked out in full face glitter, Adam Lambert is making FIERCE eyes at the camera, Macklemore's in the bathtub (again), Jewel's petting horses on her ranch, and Jason Derulo's flexing his massive guns. Other celeb sightings include Jenny McCarthy, Carly Rae Jepsen, Becky G, Karmin, KISS, Joan Rivers, and basically ten thousand more! Honestly, we can't even imagine a better way to endorse a solo career. Mazels on "American Girl," Bonnie! And also for having SO MANY FAMOUS FRIENDS WE CANNOT STAND IT.

+ Watch Katy Perry, Adam Lambert, Macklemore, Lance Bass, and more sing Bonnie McKee's "American Girl."

Photo credit: Epic Records