Video Premiere: The Material, 'Life Vest'


The Material fight to stay afloat in their "Life Vest" video.

California hard rockers The Material sure know how to make getting drenched in water look attractive. Actually, to rephrase: The Material sure know how to make getting drenched in water, singing underwater, and playing their instruments WHILE getting drenched in water look attractive. (Like, they could give Jennifer Beals in "Flashdance" a run for her money.) So it's really no wonder that their latest video is called "Life Vest," because as far as we're concerned, they're gonna need one.

Watch The Material's "Life Vest" video after the jump.

Directed by Raúl Gonzo (All Time Low), "Life Vest" has lead singer Colleen D'Agosinto and the rest of the band dramatically rocking out in what looks like an underground chamber/swimming pool/shower/submarine. As the chorus drops, the heavens open, and a flood of water comes raining down on The Material's drummer, Kevin Pintado (who doesn't even flinch -- amazing). Then, re-enacting the song's anxious lyrics ("They say the bad things/ They come in waves of three/ If that's the truth then/ This wave will be the last to crash on me"), Colleen repeatedly splashes into pools of water and even spends much of the clip singing submerged (and somehow manages to avoid a "Lost"/"Not Penny's Boat" situation). Hope she at least wore a life vest for THAT.

"Life Vest" appears on The Material's Everything I Want To Say album, which dropped last spring. Dip your toe in below.

+ Watch The Material's "Life Vest" video.

Photo credit: Megan Thompson

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