New Video: Bridget Kelly Featuring Kendrick Lamar, 'Street Dreamin''

Bridget Kelly calls on Kendrick Lamar for an assist on her song "Street Dreamin'

Bridget Kelly and Kendrick Lamar chill on the railroad tracks in their "Street Dreamin" video.

Roc Nation's Bridget Kelly is hard at work prepping her debut album (release date TBD), and what better way to rev us up than by releasing her "Street Dreamin" video, featuring a fiery collaboration with the Hottest MC in the Game for 2013, Kendrick Lamar? That's not to say that Bridget's amazing nails, bangs, and eyeliner don't get us revved too, but Bridget's voice and Kendrick's slick verse on "Street Dreamin" are DEFINITELY the main attraction.

Watch Bridget Kelly's "Street Dreamin" video featuring Kendrick Lamar after the jump.

Directed by Clifton Bell, "Street Dreamin" was shot near the railroad tracks in Greensboro, N.C., while Kendrick was on tour. Kendrick, Bridget, and their group of extra-attractive pals hit up the railroad tracks (is a "railroad party" a thing now?), where they chill, dance, and flirt with each other, giving Bridget ample time to sexily stare into the camera and show off her Scarlett O'Hara-brand waistline. Basically this is the impromptu outdoor party you all wish you could throw. But better, because they're wearing designer clothing.

+ Watch Bridget Kelly's "Street Dreamin" video featuring Kendrick Lamar.

Photo credit: Roc Nation