New Video: Duck Sauce, 'It's You'

Duck Sauce throw a party at the barber shop in their new video.

Duck Sauce throw a party at the barber shop in their "It's You" video.

While it would probably be impossible to top the success of "Barbra Streisand," the worldwide dance smash from Duck Sauce, their new "It's You" video is already putting up a good fight. The collaboration between producer extraordinaire A-Trak and house pioneer Armand Van Helden is a match made in DJ heaven, and their new clip is as sticky, sweet, and addictive as the Grammy-nominated duo's namesake implies.

Watch Duck Sauce's "It's You" video after the jump.

"It's You" is the first track to be released from Duck Sauce's upcoming debut studio album, Quack, out this fall on Casablanca Records. Like "Barbra Streisand" and their VMA-nominated "Big Bad Wolf," "It's You" continues their string of infectious, so-much-fun-it's-silly videos. It's a refreshing reminder that dance music is supposed to be, you know, FUN.

In the clip, directed by Phil Andelman, we're in the hippest barbershop in the world, where dancing cornrows and edged-up lines squiggle along to the beat like the output signals of a DJ rig. You can't really blame the barbers for dancing to the retro soul and barbershop quartet-style samples over the scratchy bass leads and house beat. But, for our own haircut purposes, we're probably going to stick to the boring old routine of making sure the guy with the razor and scissors isn't jumping up and down while we're in the chair. Just seems safer that way.

+ Watch Duck Sauce's "It's You" video.

Photo credit: Casablanca / Republic Records