Watch Hunter Hayes Perform 'Wanted,' 'Somebody's Heartbreak,' And More From His MTV 'Artist To Watch Live' Showcase (VIDEOS)

Watch Hunter Hayes perform "Wanted" and "Somebody's Heartbreak" at NYC's Webster Hall.

Watch Hunter Hayes perform "(Encore)" tracks at his MTV "Artist To Watch" showcase.

#Hayniacs! Were y'all losing your collective minds last Tuesday when country superstar Hunter Hayes performed his a$$ off at NYC's Webster Hall? Well, even if you weren't physically AT Hunter's official MTV "Artist To Watch Live" concert, we're sure you were watching from home, i.e. clutching your laptops every time the singer so much as flexed a (very large) muscle. We really had to hand it to Hunter -- not only did he release his (ENCORE) deluxe album that very day, but he expertly took on live renditions of "Wanted," "Somebody's Heartbreak," "I Want Crazy," "In A Song," and wayyy more in one of the most energetic, multi-instrumental shows we've seen in a minute. But wait, did you miss the show? Or just want to watch it again? No worries! We've got four on-demand concert videos for you to watch right here! (AND, if you're feeling ambitious, some ultra-attractive, up-close performance photos.)

Watch Hunter Hayes perform "Wanted" and "Somebody's Heartbreak," and more from his MTV "Artist To Watch Live" concert after the jump.

+ Watch Hunter Hayes perform "Wanted."

+ Watch Hunter Hayes perform "Somebody's Heartbreak."

+ Watch Hunter Hayes perform "I Want Crazy."

+ Watch Hunter Hayes perform "In A Song."

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