Beyonce Celebrates The 10th Anniversary Of 'Dangerously In Love' By Posting NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN FLASHBACK PHOTOS!

Beyonce Celebrats the 10th Anniversary of Dangerously In Love

Check out some never-before-seen Beyoncé photos! Your day just got so good, right?

Approximately 10 years ago (GAH -- where have we been?), Beyoncé released her debut solo album, Dangerously In Love. To celebrate the occasion, the now "Grown Woman" (see what we did there?), wife, mom, Pepsi spokeswoman, and Super Bowl Halftime Show veteran has unleashed an epic collection of never-before-seen flashback photos on her website! And, just to warn you, you'll probably want to clear at least five minutes of staring time per photo, so please plan your day accordingly.

Check out more never-before-seen Beyoncé photos after the jump.

Pardon us, did we say photos? Because we actually mean PERFECT TIME CAPSULES, i.e. still and candid shots of Bey filming the videos for "Crazy In Love," "Baby Boy," "Me Myself And I," "Naughty Girl," and others. So, it's kind like that time you watched every new Beyoncé video at home but desperately wished you could've been an on-set backup dancer or even the person in charge of craft services. Yeah, well, this is kiiiind of like if that happened, but you didn't have to be in charge of anything and you were just hanging around taking perfect pictures with what we're guessing is a VERY expensive camera. Enjoy!

+ Check out more never-before-seen photos on Beyoncé's Tumblr!

Photo credit: Beyonce's Tumblr

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