Watch One Direction Get Shirtless And Go 'Fishing' + See Harry Styles' Pants Fall Down In The Band's 'This Is Us' Movie Trailer (VIDEO)

Watch One Direction's "This Is Us" movie trailer.

Watch One Direction's official full-length "This Is Us" trailer!

You're probably STILL taking cold showers from watching One Direction's "This Is Us" teaser trailer (where we got to see the lads IN THEIR UNDERWEAR), but now it's time to REALLY brace yourselves, because the official full-length trailer IS HERE! And it's chock-full of more boyish pranks, exclusive interviews, and musical performances than we could have ever imagined without sweating profusely. Also: There are so many sexy British/Irish accents and ultra-stylish outfits, that WE. CAN'T. EVEN. (Cold shower No. 4,000, here we come.)

Watch One Direction's official "This Is Us" movie trailer after the jump!

In the 3-D film's official trailer, fans get a (metaphorical) front-row seat to some of 1D's EPIC performances, not to mention a documentary-style window into the guys' growing-up years. Not only does each member talk about their childhood, but the documentary covers heartwarming family moments like Zayn Malik buying a mansion for his mom and Harry Styles visiting a bakery where he used to work. And, of course, there are TONS of superfluous shirtless moments, Harry losing his pants, backstage antics, and a particularly endearing "1D goes fishing" scene to LOL and drool over.

Now, please excuse us while we draw hearts around the film's official release date (Aug. 30!!!). Because IT CAN NOT GET HERE FAST ENOUGH.

Harry Styles loses his pants!

+ Watch One Direction's official "This Is Us" movie trailer.

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