Video Premiere: Flux Pavilion Featuring Childish Gambino, 'Do Or Die'

Flux Pavilion loosens up a stuffy party, maybe a bit too much, in his new video "Do Or Die."

Flux Pavilion loosens up a stuffy party in his "Do Or Die" video.

We've all had those nights when we really RAGED, right? Like, when we just went super HAM at a party or a show? Well, we might have pictured ourselves reaching a 10 on the party scale, but according to Flux Pavilion's new video, "Do Or Die" featuring Childish Gambino, we were actually at a 3. Basically because we never lost complete control of our limbs, started bleeding, or summoned superstrength out of nowhere. And especially while not in a perfectly pressed ascot.

Watch Flux Pavilion featuring Childish Gambino's "Do or Die" video after the jump.

In the Bryan Schlam-directed clip, we open at a posh, preppy, old-money party in the daytime. (You know, men in bow ties, women draped in pearls and holding those tiny binoculars.) Flux Pavilion arrives to DJ the party and, frankly, is ignored. As he begins his set, the spoiled crowd carry on their conversations... that is until the drop hits. As all the WUB WUB washes over the party, they lose absolute control of their bodies -- hitting themselves, crushing the glasses in their hands, not being able to stop kissing (well, that one doesn't sound so bad). It actually kinda reminds us of this skit from "Key & Peele," except this video reads more "Ralph Lauren commercial" than "move-in party." But hey, all that bodily harm was probably worth it if you got Flux Pavilion to DJ your party! Even if you had to send your mink stole to the cleaners and/or visit the emergency room afterward.

Flux Pavilion's Do or Die Remix EP will be available July 22 at Beatport (worldwide) and July 23 at iTunes (worldwide) from Circus & Big Beat Records.

+ Watch Flux Pavilion featuring Childish Gambino's "Do or Die" video, and check out more EDM videos at MTV Clubland.

Photo credit: Big Beat Records