Video Premiere: Metro Station, 'Every Time I Touch You' (Lyric Video)

Metro Station returns with the lyric video for "Every Time I Touch You."

Metro Station returns with a new dance track, "Every Time I Touch You."

Remember L.A. pop-rock troupe Metro Station? They were all like, "Shake It," and the entire world responded with, "OKAY!" Well, the group, led by Mason Musso, took a brief hiatus in 2010, but now they're officially back with a brand-new single and lyric video -- "Every Time I Touch You," from their forthcoming five-track EP Middle Of The Night, out in late summer. And, in case you had even the slightest doubt, the song's got bona fide bounce.

Watch Metro Station's "Every Time I Touch You" lyric video after the jump.

As you might imagine, the "Every Time I Touch You" lyric video -- which, by the way, is channeling some seeeeeerious Hype Williams/Kanye West "Stronger" vibes -- not only heralds the return of Metro Station, but it also sheds some much-needed light on the bros' updated sound. The video doesn't signature a drastic sonic departure from the boys' original dance-pop sound, but "Every Time I Touch You" does run a little faster and go a little harder than the band's previous efforts. Don't believe us? Just look to the lyric video's lightning-fast strobe lights and the track's avalanche of club-ready synths. It's Metro Station just like we like 'em -- ready to rock but never afraid of a dance break.

+ Watch Metro Station's "Every Time I Touch You" lyric video.

Photo credit: Ary Dalton