Video Premiere: The Venetia Fair, 'The Day I Set Them Free'

The Venetia Fair make for great imaginary friends in their new video "The Day I Set Them Free."

The Venetia Fair take inspiration from "Drop Dead Fred" in their "The Day I Set Them Free" video.

We have to hand it to The Venetia Fair. Despite being an absolutely irresponsible influence on the young hero of their new video, "The Day I Set Them Free," they do show a surprising dedication to the importance of brushing one's teeth. (You take the good with the bad, we guess.) The new clip from their Every Sick, Disgusting Thought We've Got In Our Brain album -- an apt title here -- pokes fun at how being in a rock band means you never really have to grow up.

Watch The Venetia Fair's "The Day I Set Them Free" video after the jump.

The song, a theatric-scene and a core track well-suited for fans of Panic At the Disco, Chiodos, or any other like-minded Vans Warped Tour vets (TVF themselves played Warped in 2011), bounces between dramatic, rollicking piano, horns, and poppy punk choruses. The horns, singer Benny Santoro says, "are what really makes it pop for me; it adds a taste of that New Orleans flair to an already very fun, wacky song."

And it's a song with an even wackier video. "When I was a kid my favorite movie was 'Drop Dead Fred,' " Santoro explains of the clip. "It was about a woman who, upon learning that her husband is leaving her, is revisited by her childhood imaginary friend. For this video we wanted to take that idea to a somewhat darker place and imagine what life would be like if the imaginary friend(s) never left. Our good friend and merch guy, Asspoop, stars alongside an adorable young look-alike named Bailey, both of whom spend the entire video with their imaginary friends: The Venetia Fair."

The Venetia Fair's Every Sick, Disgusting Thought We've Got In Our Brain album is available for digital download now.

+ Watch The Venetia Fair's "The Day I Set Them Free" video.

Photo credit: Ryn Meyer