Check Out 4 Brand-New Drake Tracks, And Watch His 'Nothing Was The Same' Album Trailer (NSFW)

Drake dropped four new songs, "The Motion," "Versace" featuring Migos, "Jodeci Freestyle" featuring J. Cole, and "Over Here" featuring PartyNextDoor, over the weekend.

Drake's revealed his "Nothing Was The Same" album release date AND four new tracks.

I think we can all agree that Summer 2013 is shaping up to be one of hip-hop's greatest seasons, what with releases from Kanye West, Jay-Z, J. Cole, and Big Sean filling out the next few months. Never one to be outdone, however, Drake announced over the weekend that his highly anticipated album, Nothing Was The Same, would be released on Sept. 17 -- but that wasn't everything he dropped. Along with a trailer for the album where he takes shots out of his newly unwrapped Grammy (we don't recommend this with other statues), he also released four brand-new songs for free. See that? Drizzy is STILL generous even after all those "No New Friends" jokes. Don't thank him later; you should thank him now.

1.) "Jodeci Freestyle" featuring J. Cole: On "Jodeci Freestyle," Drizzy and his new best friend trade brags back and forth about the good life, all while referencing the legendary '90s R&B group. "Your money is just a little Barney's Co-Op for you to be tryina show out/ I'm in your girl's ear planting seeds like a grow-op/ We move the operation to Cali soon as the snow drop/ Oh stop, please stop arguing 'bout who's the best emcee/ I think everyone would agree, they know that you're not," Drake coldly rhymes on the smooth track.

Listen to Drake's "Jodeci Freestyle" featuring J. Cole, "Versace" featuring Migos, "The Motion" featuring Sampha from SBTRKT, and "Over Here" featuring PartyNextDoor after the jump.

2.) "Versace": A remix of the song by Atlanta trio Migos, Drake hops on the already scorching mixtape cut to add more gas to the flame. He swiftly spits in a double time flow: "Drowning in compliments/ Pool in the backyard that look like Metropolis/ I think I'm sellin' a million first week/ Man I guess I'm an optimist." You know what? We're optimistic about his platinum status, too.

3.) "The Motion" featuring Sampha: Drizzy's third track featuring one half of SBTRKT (who he also worked with on their "Wildfire" remix), is more of the introspective, lovelorn Drizzy we are accustomed to with him singing about wanting someone he actually can count on. "Seem like everybody calling cause they want me on their song/ It's like every time I touch it I could never do no wrong/ When they need a favor from your man, they don't leave you alone/ But I guess that's just the motion," Drake laments. Hey, we're here for you, Drake. Call us anytime!

4.) "Over Here": A track from his protégé PartyNextDoor, Drake joins in on the woozy beat, which reminds us of something he might record with The Weeknd. Drake raps about how he can always come home again to Toronto: "It can't be that hard to find us/ Go to Jungle, pick up my Ethiopian goddess/ That's when words spread, a Bugatti is in the projects/ The boy home/ Used to take the bus to the block/ Now summertime whips come through and bust up the block."

Well, that should probably hold you over till Drake's Nothing Was The Same drops Sept. 17. In the meantime, take all the Grammy shots you want, Drake! You deserve it.

+ Listen to Drake featuring J. Cole, "Jodeci Freestyle" (NSFW), Migos featuring Drake, "Versace" (NSFW), "The Motion" featuring Sampha of SBTRKT (NSFW), and PartyNextDoor featuring Drake "Over Here" (NSFW).

+ Watch Drake take Grammy shots in his Nothing Was The Same album trailer.

Photo credit: GQ/Young Money Entertainment