Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Gets A Kiss From Marisa, His No. 1 Fan (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber meets Marissa, his number one fan.

Justin Bieber met a special fan named Marisa!

In between proudly debuting his first shirtless selfie Instagram video, calling his travel agent to book a totally casual trip to space, and debuting his "Heartbreaker" cover artJustin Bieber found a few minutes to make one of his Belieber's dreams come true! (And he did it all while wearing some very interesting harem pants, a backwards cap, and some SERIOUS BLING. #Multitasking.)

Right before Justin hit the stage last night at San Diego's Valley View Casino Center, he met one of his biggest fans: a young girl named Marisa who's been diagnosed with Down's syndrome and is in need of a kidney transplant. Before the show, Marisa got to fulfill what we're assuming was one of her Bieber-centric fantasies by planting a nice smooch on Justin's cheek! Yep, lips-to-cheek contact. The experience also meant a lot to Justin, who captioned, "One of the bet parts of the job. Nice meeting you Marisa. Stay strong for me!" We wish Marisa all the best, and we hope she brags about this experience unconditionally to all her friends. And every stranger she meets.

Photo credit: @JustinBieber