Watch Night Riots Perform 'London' At The O Music Awards (VIDEO)

Watch Night Riots perform "London" at the O Music Awards.

Watch Night Riots perform "London" at the O Music Awards.

We're assuming you did everything possible to stay awake over the course of Wednesday's 24-hour music-a-palooza, otherwise known as the 2013 O Music Awards. (We're still coming down from our caffeine high.) And even though California rockers Night Riots hit the O Music Awards' Los Angeles stage at a whopping 5 a.m., they still looked the very picture of alert and awake as they tore through a fast-charging, moody rendition of "London." Except, wait. If they were in L.A., that would mean that their set was at 2 a.m. PT. Whatever, that's still late enough for us!

Watch Night Riots perform "London" at the O Music Awards after the jump.

In case you're feeling all, "Who are Night Riots again?" it COULD be because you remember them from their PK /The Lost Boys Sessions days; their new Night Riots moniker is a very recent switch. But we'll bring you up to speed: First, get to know Night Riots' synth-lined debut track, "Spiders." Then, it's time to watch lead singer Travis Hawley whip through a distortion-pop, melodic rendition of "London," where he's working the audience so hard, it's a wonder he doesn't unironically drop the mic before walking offstage. And, while we're singing Hawley's praises, you'll want to keep your eye on the next big thing in rock star swag -- no, seriously, Travis has MOVES (and hair) like U2's Bono or The Killers' Brandon Flowers. You're welcome.

+ Watch Night Riots perform "London" at the O Music Awards.

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