Star Spotting: Rihanna Poses With Her Private Jet Pilot, Literally Has Friends In High Places (PHOTO)

Rihanna poses with the pilot of her private jet!

Rihanna loves her PJ pilot. And we would too.

Can we just say that if we had a private jet (PJ for short!) like Rihanna, then we'd totally love our pilot, too? As we all know, Ri's been traveling exclusively by PJ while on her "Diamonds World Tour," so why not pose for a quick Kodak moment with the man who gets her safely from place to place! Exactly! No reason why whatsoever. Along with the photo of her main (cabin) man (bad joke?), the "Stay" singer aptly captioned, "Bye." #SUCCINCT.

Come to think of it, we should probably give this bro a shout-out of his own, no? Because we're presuming he's been Rihanna's on-duty pilot this whole time. This guy has been responsible for getting Rihanna from Paris (where she posed at the Eiffel Tower/got a piggyback ride), to London (the same town that inspired this precious family photo/this epic "money dress"), AND, perhaps most importantly, to Montpellier, France, where Ri twerked her signature crotch grab. And did we mention that bro has been totally cool with a little, errrrrm, debauchery on his plane?? He's been chill with Ri's in-flight hand down her pants, not to mention an IRL pajama party, probably allowed even during turbulence! So, whoever you are, bro, we commend you!

Photo credit: Rihanna's Instgram