You’ll Lose It When You See Lil Bub Playing The Drums With Andrew WK At The O Music Awards (VIDEO)

Get ready to witness Andrew W.K. playing the drums with LIL BUB.

In addition to some amazing performances by Jonas Brothers, Hanson, and X Ambassadors at the 2013 O Music Awards, we’ve TOTALLY been on board with all of the winners (sup, Joe Jonas?) so far. And now we are OVER THE MOON about two winners in particular: human musician Andrew W.K. (“Best Twitter Artist”) and feline musician Lil Bub (“Our Favorite Musical Cat”)! And wanna know what the best part is? Andrew played drums WITH Lil Bub!! Um, talk about PAW-RTYING HARD. (Sorry, had to!)

Watch Lil Bub play drums with Andrew W.K. at the O Music Awards after the jump!

Look at those little eyes!! She’s like a little Janet Weiss in Sleater-Kitty!

For those of you who don’t know (and if not, please keep up with internet cats), Lil Bub is not a new rapper you’ve never heard of. Nope, she’s just a beyond-adorable cat AND apparently a budding drummer! Not only did she win the “Our Favorite Musical Cat” award, but she decided to celebrate by playing the drums with Andrew! (Seriously, if that doesn’t help him through that 24-hour drumming record, we don’t know what will.) Also, in other news: The internet has exploded.

+ Watch Lil Bub play drums with Andrew W.K. at the O Music Awards.

+ Watch Lil Bub accept her “Our Favorite Musical Cat” award at the O Music Awards.

Photo credit: MTV

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