Star Spotting: 'Best Artist On Instagram' O Music Award Winner Joe Jonas' New Vine Could Easily Double As A Dating Profile Video

Joe Jonas is about take over Vine!

Joe Jonas may have won the "Best Artist Instagram" award at last night's 2013 O Music Awards, but now he's on to DOMINATING ALL social media. His next conquest: Vine! And we have to say, Joe does such a sweet job with his "hey honey" wordplay clip (see, Joe? We can be punny, too!). And while we've regularly seen swoonworthy moments via Joe's Instagram, his Vine account may take our social media experience to a whole new level -- now we can ogle the Jonas Brothers' everyday lives IN LIVE ACTION! Goooood-bye, free time!

Check out more pictures and videos of Joe Jonas, and watch the Jonas Brothers at the O Music Awards after the jump!

Joe Jonas makes a sweet pun on Vine!

Joe Instagrams his social media trophy... How #meta.

Reminding us that he's not just a great photographer but also a GIGANTIC POP STAR, Joe joined his brothers for a three-song set at the O Music Awards. But being on stage didn't stop Joe from participating in social media. He still made time to share his award-winning moment on Instagram (already gunning to win next year's award, we presume) with the very humble caption, "WOAH! Never though I'd be getting this.. Just won an award for best Instagram! Thank you O music awards!"

No, thank YOU, Joe, for reminding us what Instagram is really for. It's not just for looking at food photos or adorable sleeping selfies. No, it's a prime place for us to stalk photogenic heartthrobs like Joe... while also pretending that his account will one day include photos of our future wedding. #CreepyButNotSorry

+ Watch Jonas Brothers perform "Pom Poms" at the 2013 O Music Awards.

+ Watch Jonas Brothers perform "First Time" at the 2013 O Music Awards.

Photo credit: Joe Jonas' Vine /@adamjosephj