New Song: Cher, 'Woman's World'

Cher returns with her new single. "Woman's World."

If Cher's not your spirit animal, then you should probably leave.

We have literally zero words right now. Actually, fine, if we're being picky, we have five words, and they are: "HOLY CHEEKBONES AND ASSLESS CHAPS!" Not only is Cher back, but the eternal pop goddess is 67 years old and can STILL get asses on the floor. How many asses, you ask? Oh, just ALL THE ASSESS present at "The Voice" last Tuesday when Cher performed her new single, "A Woman's World." And now she's got my ass on the floor! (#PrivateDancePartyOfOne #TMI)

"Woman's World" appears on Cher's forthcoming disc, Closer To The Truth, which drops Sept. 24, a day that we personally think should be renamed CHERsday. Get it?

Listen to Cher's "Woman's World" after the jump.

Much like her previous records (i.e. "Believe"), "Woman's World" is a dance-heavy, meant-for-da-club record that features Cher's thick bass vocals as she sings about being a strong, powerful lady (clearly this song is autobiographical) who can't be torn down by any douched-out bros: "Torn up/ Busted/ Taken apart/ I've been broken down/ Left with a broken heart/ But I'm stronger/ Strong enough to rise above/ This is a woman's world." PREACH!!! Seriously, we should all aspire to be like Cher at 67. Additionally, here's a question: Is she wearing a wig made out of newspaper strips in her album art? If yes, then we should all aspire to be like Cher right NOW. For the rest of our lives. #Werque, lady. #NoRegrets.

Listen to Cher's "Woman's World."

Photo credit: Warner Bros.