Watch X Ambassadors Perform ‘Saxy’ Renditions Of ‘Unconsolable’ And ‘Litost’ At The O Music Awards (VIDEO)

Watch X Ambassadors perform at the 2013 O Music Awards!

We’ve been obsessed with Brooklyn indie rock troupe X Ambassadors for a while now, and it’s not just because the lead singer plays the saxophone. No, really, there are plenty of other reasons. For one thing, the four-piece know how to unfurl an emotionally devastating track of Bon Iver¬†proportions¬†without dampening the 2013 O Music Awards’ cheerful vibe.

Wait, you’ve never heard of X Ambassadors? Maybe you just remember them from when they were called “Ambassadors.” Like, without the “X.” Well, even if you haven’t heard of X Ambassadors yet, you’ll want to get up close and personal with with stormy songs like “Unconsolable,” “Litost,” and “Brother,” three stunningly melodramatic tracks from the band’s new Love Songs Drug Songs EP.

Watch X Ambassadors perform “Unconsolable” at the O Music Awards after the jump.

X Ambassadors lead singer Sam Harris serenades on the sax.

“That was a saxy tune… Maybe a little TOO saxy,” said lead singer Sam Harris after performing the group’s lead single, “Unconsolable.” Not exactly what we’d expect to hear in a midtempo indie rock jam, but you know what we always say (or what we’re just starting to say): There’s nothing like a little reminder of the ’80s during an award show that celebrates technology.

Performing on the O Music Awards’ Times Square stage, X Ambassadors dove straight into the audience’s emotional core with sweet, sweet falsetto, Brooklyn-bred beards, a cute toy piano, and, of course, clever banter. Lightly shimmying his hips and sometimes pausing to play the sax hanging around his neck, Harris led the rest of the band in a highly memorable set that, despite the Sklar brothers’ opening “Brooklyn Hipster” jibes, never got TOO #dark.

+ Watch X Ambassadors perform “Unconsolable” at the O Music Awards.

+ Watch X Ambassadors perform “Litost” at the O Music Awards.

Photo credit: MTV

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