The Jonas Brothers Made It Feel Like The ‘First Time’ At The O Music Awards… Except This Time Was With A Goat. Check Out Our GIFs From Their Performance!

Watch the Jonas Brothers perform at the 2013 O Music Awards!

OK, so when we first heard that the Jonas Brothers would open the 2013 O Music Awards, we kinda didn’t know what to do first. Should we run screaming down the street? Should we throw a gigantic Jonas Brothers-themed parade with floating Nick, Joe, and Kevin balloons? Should we have a “Married To Jonas” TV marathon? (Uh, yes, yes, and yes.) But whether or not we did any of those things isn’t the point. The point is that the Jonas Brothers played an excellent three-song set at the 24-hour O Music Awards — “Pom Poms,” “First Time,” and “Lovebug” — and even dedicated one of those songs to a goat. Yes, a live goat. Named Pearl. And we have the GIFs to prove it.

Watch the Jonas Brothers perform at the O Music Awards after the jump.

Instagram filters make everything better.

Opening with a sweet vocal from Nick, the three bros launched into a soft, soulful rendition of “Pom Poms,” the first single from their upcoming record. And interestingly, their OMA rendition couldn’t have been any further removed from the song’s bombastic video. Where one clip is a balls-out celebration of what we’re assuming are women’s, er, torsos, the boys’ live song sounded mostly acoustic and — dare we say it? — highbrow. They might still be performing in the old TRL studios, but these are some GROWN JoBros.

“We are so happy to be here with all of you beautiful people,” said Joe before jumping into their latest single, “First Time,” which sounded even more stripped-down and all-acoustic than the tune before it. Kinda like a chilled-out reggae-meets-Jack Johnson track, if such a thing existed. (Unlike their recorded version, which just sounds like Australian electro-poppers Cut Copy.)

After warming up the audience with two tracks, the brothers ended things on a quiet note by rocking out to an old fan-favorite from 2008: “Lovebug.” (Which they totally dedicated to the OMAs goat, Pearl. AWWWW.)

So, wow, Jonas Brothers, guess it was time to grow up, eh? Like, grow up with acoustic guitars, #serious piano minor notes, and Justin Timberlake-brand falsetto. It’s like they’re playing an “MTV Unplugged” sesh! But juuuust when we thought that the bros were actually all grown up, we noticed Joe Jonas pantomiming a woman’s “Pom Poms” mid-performance. Don’t think we didn’t catch that. Because we did.

 + Watch Jonas Brothers perform “Pom Poms” at the 2013 O Music Awards.

+ Watch Jonas Brothers perform “First Time” at the 2013 O Music Awards.

Photo credit: Getty Images/@MTV