New Video: Big Time Rush, '24/seven'

Big Time Rush take us behind-the-scenes in their "24/7" music video.

Big Time Rush goof off like the best of bros in their "24/seven" video.

It's been a little hard to stop wondering what Big Time Rush's "24/seven" video would be about, since, erhmm, we saw so many BULGING MUSCLES in their behind-the-scenes video photos. Well, now we can officially stop wondering, because the Nickelodeon pop troupe's "24/seven" video has finally dropped! And we're happy to report that while some of the guys are wearing short-sleeve shirts, others are also wearing DELIGHTFUL muscle-bearing tank tops. Top that off with some adorable dude-on-dude bromancing, and we have absolutely zero things to be mad at.

Watch Big Time Rush's "24/seven" video after the jump.

Appearing on the "Confetti Falling" singers' just-released album of the same name, "24/seven" features a charming BTR goof-around montage: Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan are rehearsing for live shows, they're joking around, they're doing "bro" handshakes, and they're even practicing their "mic moves" (you know, when singers dance with their mic stands). Essentially, "24/seven"  gives Rushers an inside look into what they'd see if they were, you know, dating a BTR member, or, say, a stage grip/lighting/tech person. But preferably the Big Time Rush-dating scenario.

+ Watch Big Time Rush's "24/seven" video.

Photo credit: Columbia Records