New Song: Backstreet Boys, 'In A World Like This'

Backstreet's Back with their new Max Martin produced song, "In A World Like This"

Backstreet's back... IN EXPERTLY TAILORED SUITS!

Can we be honest for a second? Even if Backstreet Boys' new single, "In A World Like This," wasn't up to snuff (FYI, it's totally amazing and whatever the opposite of "not up to snuff" is), we'd still be down to listen to it, because just look at this cover art!! If standing on a randomly placed water-cliff-rock structure in expertly tailored suits doesn't scream "Backstreet's Back," then NOTHING IN THIS WORLD DOES. Well, maybe except for their 20-year Reunion Tour, and perhaps this panda photo, but that's probably not appropriate for album cover art, right?

Listen to Backstreet Boys' "In A World Like This" after the jump.

Slated as the lead single off their forthcoming eighth studio album of the same name (out July 30!), "In A World Like This" was produced by Max Martin, which is a brilliant move considering he's the dude who wrote some of BSB's most influential songs, including "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)," "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)," and a little ditty by the name of "I Want It That Way." YEAH.

Set to a polished, highly danceable pop track, "In A World Like This" features the boys' signature five-part harmonies, paired with a surging Top 40-friendly chorus and uplifting lyrics: "In a world like this.../ I know we're gonna make it/ In a time like this/ When love comes round/ I know we gonna take it." It's essentially the perfect "welcome back, bros!" song. And, as tempted as we are to make another "Backstreet's Back" joke (there's a limit of one per post), we'll refrain. But whatever. THEY ARE BACK!

 + Listen to Backstreet Boys' "In A World Like This."

Photo credit: BMG