New Video: The Postal Service, 'A Tattered Line Of String'

Watch The Postal Service's "A Tattered Line Of String" video.

The Postal Service bring new meaning to the term "laundry day" in their "A Tattered Line Of String" video.

The definition of a truly empathetic individual is someone who's able to understand and share the feelings of another person. That's a pretty good way to describe the lyrical prowess of The Postal Service (and Death Cab For Cutie) frontman Ben Gibbard, who's been channeling our collective romantic woes into verse for years. It's also a nice descriptor for the electro-pop group's new "A Tattered Line Of String" video: You think doing the laundry sucks? Try being the laundry.

 Watch The Postal Service's "A Tattered Line Of String" video after the jump. 

The song, from Gibbard and Dntel's Jimmy Tamborello's recently released Give Up reissue, interprets the whirl of having your world turned upside down in love -- literally. "When we walk/ We agreed/ That we will not ever speak of this night to anyone that we both knew," Gibbard sings. "Then you said every time we kissed I felt something that couldn’t exist/ And I confessed that I thought I felt it too."

Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis chimes in on the chorus. "I've got a tattered line of string that I tie to everything that I want to call my own," they harmonize. "But it never seems to hold."

Topsy-turvy stuff, love. Wanna know something else that's not holding? The normal laws of gravity and physics. Don't watch the "Inception"-like swing-set scene with a queasy stomach, FYI. Especially if it's from feeling lovesick.

+ Watch The Postal Service's "A Tattered Line Of String" video.

Photo credit: Sub Pop