Star Spotting: Oh Look, Selena Gomez Pumps Her Own Gas! (PHOTO)

Selena Gomez stops by a gas station in L.A. after visiting the hair salon.

It's all about self-service for Selena Gomez!

There are so many things to talk about with this photo of Selena Gomez looking AH-mazing at a gas station in L.A. -- we honestly don't know where to start. And no, one of those things is not a commentary on Selena's bold skirt choice! (Shocking, we know.) So, we'll just take it step by step and casually outline to y'all everything we see and everything that consequently makes us rethink the way we pump gas. And drive. And dress. And do our hair.

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First, the "Slow Down" singer has STRAIGHT-UP opted for self-service, a choice that is totally exciting! Because, well, props to you, extra-famous and extra-loaded Selena for saving a few bucks by pumping your own gas rather than having an assistant do it for you.

Also: SELENA'S HAIR. Word on the street is Selena came fresh from the hair salon when this photo was taken, and THE VOLUME, THE CURLS, THE BODY!! (I think the term "VA-VA-VOOM" is plenty appropriate here, especially because girlfriend's standing in front of her car.) And now that we know Selena isn't afraid to get down and dirty at the gas station, you'd better hope she doesn't go all "Getaway" on y'all and jack your car IRL. Actually, that means you'd get to see Sel in the flesh, so yeah, just let it happen.

Selena Gomez stops by a gas station in L.A. after visiting the hair salon.

Selena casually lounges as she waits for her car to get filled up. Because why not?

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News