New Song: Wale Featuring Nicki Minaj And Juicy J, 'Clappers' (NSFW)

Listen to Wale's "Clappers" featuring Nicki Minaj and Juicy J

Another song about butts? Sure, WHY NOT?!

It's been a second since we've heard from Wale, but what better way to make a grand entrance than by releasing a song about BUTTS?? Like, exclusively BUTTS, which just so happens to be our favorite subject, aside from maybe Chanel and Ryan Gosling.

But moving right along, Wale's "Clappers," featuring Nicki Minaj and Juicy J, will appear on his forthcoming album The Gifteddropping June 25.

Listen to Wale's "Clappers" featuring Nicki Minaj and Juicy J after the jump.

Featuring a sample of E.U.'s 1988 hit "Da Butt," Wale's synth-laden "Clappers" is laced with claps (duh), cheers, and plenty of hoots and hollers. The Maybach Music MC's laid-back vibe contrasts nicely as he spits: "Clappers to the front/ Shorty got a big ol' butt/ Oh yeah!" Subtle, guys, very subtle.

As the song continues, Nicki pops up to spit about giant rumps (coulda told you that one) and gives a "shout-out to that cellulite." (Amen, sister!) OK, we'll concede that "Clappers" is the clear front-runner for the "ratchet booty jam of the summer" award. That said, did we really neeeeeed a ratchet booty summer jam?? Probably not. But are we happy it's here anyway? Sure! Now, just follow our lead and add this song to your "Badunk Night" playlist (maybe next to Big Sean's "Dance A$$").

+ Listen to Wale's "Clappers" featuring Nicki Minaj and Juicy J (NSFW).

Photo credit: Atlantic Records