Check Out Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Big Time Rush's '24/seven' Video Shoot

Here's a sneak peek of Big Time Rush's "24/seven" video.

Here's photographic evidence that Big Time Rush is hard at work on their "24/seven" video!

Last week, Big Time Rush saw the release of their third album, 24/seven, and now the boys are giving us even more of a rush (sorry/ not sorry) with some behind-the-scenes photos from their "24/seven" video shoot! That's right, Rushers: This means you're gonna have to stop hitting repeat on James Maslow's "Mirrors" cover for juuuuust for a second. We know, it's hard to tear yourself away from perfection, but these Big Time Rush photos are DEF worth it.

See more of behind-the-scenes photos of Big Time Rush filming their "24/seven" video after the jump.

We don't know the concept, but we DO know that BTR will look CUTE in their upcoming video.

Big Time Rush's "24/seven" video will drop later this week, but now that we're staring at these pics, we're just trying to piece together what on earth their video could be about! There are some stairs in the background, so maybe the "Confetti Falling" singers are doing an homage to Madonna's "Material Girl"? Except instead of fawning over Madge, we'll just assume the guys are catering to our every whim. Or maybe they're going to do a weird MC Escher-like loop of the same thing over and over like Daft Punk in "Around The World"? That, ooorr it's them singing adorably on set? Any of these options would be fine, but if we had to choose, scenario No. 1 would be our preference. Again, sorry/ not ever sorry.

Photo credit: Columbia Records