New Song: M.I.A., 'Bring The Noize' (NSFW)

Listen to MIA's new song, "Bring The Noize"

M.I.A. is back with a boisterous new track, "Bring The Noize."

We haven't heard much from M.I.A. since her Danja-produced "Doobie (High)" -- until now, of course. Just in time for summer, the "Bad Girls" rapper has released "Bring The Noize," our first listen from her long-delayed Matangi, which, PRAISE!! (with an extra #!), is expected to drop this fall. THANK YOU, EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING!

Listen to M.I.A.'s "Bring The Noize" after the jump.

Produced by Switch and Surkin, the drum-heavy, percussive, chaotic-sounding record features M.I.A. spitting about several topics, including, but not limited to dental work, and how dope she is: "Truth is like a rotten tooth/ You gotta spit it out/ Let the bottom two/ Let my wisdom work it out." Later, she adds: "Bring the noize when we run upon dem." It's classic rebellious M.I.A., and we're pretty sure "Bring The Noize" is gonna TOP your summer playlist. Maybe not your "grillin' and chillin'" playlist, but definitely your "nighttime bonfire on the beach with cold ones" playlist.

+ Listen to M.I.A.'s "Bring The Noize" (NSFW)

Photo credit: Interscope Records/N.E.E.T.