Star Spotting: Rihanna Holding Hands With Her Brother Is Our Daily Dose Of 'AWWWW' (PHOTO)

Rihanna chills with her brother in London

Rihanna makes it a family affair!

Seriously, we have to ask: WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? First, we see Rihanna fully clothed at an impromptu photo shoot in front of the Eiffel Tower, and now she's wearing EVEN MORE CLOTHES while chilling in London with her baby brother, Rajad Fenty! (And yes, when you wear an epic denim thong and/or thigh-high boots as "pants," midriff-revealing overalls and an itsy-bitsy bandeau bra totally count as clothed.)

Check out more photos of Rihanna and her brother after the jump.

While Ri and her baby bro are the epitome of adorable (SAME CHINS!! #DNA), this photo of Taylor Swift and her brother, Austin, at the 2013 CMT Awards miiiiight give the Fentys a little competition for the "Best Sibling Photo Of The Summer" award. Then again, there's a ton of hand-holding going on here, and logistically we gotta give coordination props to Rihanna for walking in heels while holding her bro's hand on one side and holding a top-handle bag on her other. Either way, we love seeing Ri in family mode. Speaking of which, what's a girl gotta do for an invite to the Fenty Family Sunday night dinner? Or even the Fenty Family Sunday night snack? We'll take anything!


The Fenty "hand-hold"!

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News