Star Spotting: Hayley Williams' High Kick Is The Most Impressively Acrobatic Thing You'll See All Day! (PHOTO)

Hayley Williams has the ultimate high kick while performing in the Netherlands!

Paramore's Hayley Williams does a high kick better than anyone!

If you thought the only rock star skill Paramore's Hayley Williams had up her sleeve (y'know, besides her killer vocals) was her epic hair-whipping abilities, you'd be terribly mistaken. Case in point: Hayley can high kick with the ease of Gabby Douglas crushing an uneven bars routine! We're not joking. We took a ruler to the above photo and accurately measured her kick at about "HOW DID SHE EFFING DO THAT" feet and "IS THERE ANYTHING SHE CAN'T DO?!" inches.

The "Still Into You" singer was snapped giving a little Sally O'Malley kick while onstage in the Netherlands, and now we officially know what Hayley's been up to in her downtime -- some serious yoga stretching! That, or she's an ex-Rockette who gave up sheer panty hose and a tight bun for black stockings and hair that resembles various stages of fire. Well, no matter how Hayley caught that acrobatic air, we don't suggest trying her move at home. This is for professional rock stars, gymnasts, and cheerleaders (is there going to be a "Bring It On" four? PLEASE?) only. Trust us. (No, really -- we just attempted it and we're currently writing this from the floor covered in ice packs.)

Photo credit: Getty Images