New Song: Victoria Justice, 'Gold'

Victoria Justice's new single, "Gold," is a perfect summer jam.

Victoria Justice shines bright on her latest single, "Gold."

We've felt a sense of injustice NOT having a new Victoria Justice song to add to our summer playlist (see what we did there?), but guess what? The wait is over! The Nickelodeon star-turned-pop sensation has FINALLY dropped her new tune, "Gold," which you can officially download June 18. Now, would someone PLEASE invite us over to their pool so we can practice our synchronized swimming routine to this jam? J/K! (Kinda...)

Listen to Victoria Justice's "Gold" after the jump.

The "Victorious" star once dazzled us with a stripped-down version of fun.'s "Some Nights," but on "Gold" she sets her acoustic vibe aside for a peppier sound that meshes flawlessly with the flirtatious, confident lyrics: "Hey, boy, watcha gonna do/ If you want me like I want you/ Then man up and make your move/ I'm Gold, Gold."

Hmmm, sounds like Victoria doesn't have ANY time for clueless bros this summer -- she's way to valuable for that. We'd also like to think that Victoria's using this song to subliminally remind us that it's always smart to invest in gold -- financial security is totally on everyone's list of turn-ons.

+ Listen to Victoria Justice's "Gold."

Photo credit: Columbia Records