Demi Lovato Took A Nap And Woke Up With A Manicure! (PHOTO)

Demi Lovato gets a manicure while she naps and we're the most jealous.

Napping and manicuring: Demi Lovato is on her multitasking grind!

Apparently we've had it wrong this entire time. Here we thought that the definition of being a baller was having a pajama party on your private jet, or better yet, BOOKING A TRIP TO LITERAL OUTER SPACE. But nope, NONE OF THAT even compares with Demi Lovato's "NAPICURE," i.e. that one time the "Heart Attack" singer got a manicure while napping. Because a true baller KNOWS how to multitask.

Posting her "napicure" to Twitter, Demi captioned: "Just took an hour nap and woke up with THE BEST nails!!!! Hahaha." To which we say, #UNREAL. While there's no word on why Demi was so tired in the first place (although we also tend to fall asleep when the manicurist gets to the hand massage part), we have a feeling it could have something to do with her judging role on the upcoming season of "The X Factor," promoting her bangin' new single, "Made In The USA," and/or her e-book! Either way, Demi, we commend you for having the balls to ask for what you want! Also: You should probably BOOK it to your lawyer's office STAT to copyright the word "napicure." Can't you see it? A salon full of pink beds, 9,000 thread-count Egyptian sheets, nails, and naps?? Genius.

Photo credit: @ddlovato