Watch One Direction Twerk It Out To Drake's 'The Motto' In Miami! (VIDEO)

One Direction learn how to twerk on the fly and give it a go while performing in Miami.

Watch One Direction twerk it out on stage in Miami!

By now we are all too aware of One Direction's dancing abilities (along with singing, doing the "Harlem Shake," cultivating scents, acting, and generally looking adorable). But even with all the effort 1D put into their dance routines, we NEVER thought we'd see them attempt to TWERK. But maybe we shouldn't be TOO surprised: Ever since Miley Cyrus first went twerkin' crazy, the dance phenomenon has kinda spread through the pop world like wildfire! That said, how'd you like to watch 1D fully twerk it out onstage to Drake's "The Motto"?? Oh, you would? Why are we not surprised?!

Watch One Direction twerk onstage in Miami after the jump.

While performing in Miami on their "Take Me Home Tour," the "Kiss You" singers read out fan requests sent in via Twitter. One incredibly clever fan asked the boys to twerk, to which they replied: "Whass that?!" (Sorry, that was our best British accent.) In a pinch, the boys found an instructional "how to twerk" video on YouTube, asked their band to queue up Drake's "The Motto," and got to poppin' their booties!

Now, we know what you're wondering: Were the guys as good as Miley? Well, we do have to say that homegirl is something of a twerk pro, so if we had to rank pop stars by their twerking abilities, she would be the captain of the pop star twerk team, and 1D would be riiiight there under her. If anything, we are kinda hoping that this will alllll lead to a video of Miley teaching One Direction the finer points of twerking and... OMG where is the Kickstarter for this?!

+ Watch One Direction twerk onstage in Miami.

Photo credit: YouTube/1DLatestVideo