New Song: The Bloody Beetroots Featuring Paul McCartney + Youth, 'Out Of Sight'


Paul McCartney joins up with The Bloody Beetroots and Youth on "Out Of Sight."

We have to admit, when we heard the words "Paul McCartney" and "electronic track" together, we came down with a serious case of the #SMH's. We should've known better. The erstwhile Beatle has long been a musical polymath, well ahead of the curve in a variety of genres. Even still, we never would've expected his "Out Of Sight" collaboration with The Bloody Beetroots, with a helping hand from Youth, to be this good.

Listen to The Bloody Beetroots featuring Paul McCartney and Youth's "Out Of Sight" after the jump.

McCartney is as well known and recognizable as his counterpart, Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo (not sure if, like McCartney's, that's an official knight title) is mysterious; the Italian electro and dance-punk producer typically performs behind a mask. Regardless, the partnership was worthwhile.

"I'm really proud to have had the chance to work with such a legendary figure," Rifo said of working with the icon and Youth, the alter ego of Martin Glover, known as the bassist of Killing Joke (who also collaborated with McCartney in the group The Firemen). "I was impressed by the creative energy in the room when you get three musicians from three different generations vibing together in the studio."

The track, which will appear on Rifo's HIDE, out on Ultra Music in September, counters between soulful, blues crooning from the veteran vocalist over plaintive piano chords before exploding into the type of euphoric build and release you can imagine a stadium full of kids losing their collective brains over. That's something McCartney has had a little bit of experience with over the decades.

+ Listen to The Bloody Beetroots featuring Paul McCartney and Youth's "Out Of Sight."

Photo credit: Ultra Music