New Video: Mac Miller, 'Watching Movies' (NSFW) (VIDEO)

Mac Miller hangs with the twerking dead in his new video, "Watching Movies."

Mac Miller will face a HUGE battle in approximately four days: His new album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off, dropping June 18, is up against new albums by Kanye West, J. Cole, Kelly Rowland, and 3OH!3, just to name a few. For what it's worth, however, Mac told us he isn't worried about sales. But just in case he needed that extra promotional push, Mac dropped a spooky video today for the album's title track, "Watching Movies." And while his clip isn't an all-out fright-fest, it DOES combine two seemingly unrelated phenomena: horror films and twerking. (Which reminds us, where's Miley Cyrus? Are we sure she isn't twerking in the background somewhere?)

Watch Mac Miller's "Watching Movies" video after the jump.

Directed by Rex Arrow and Larry Fisherman, "Watching Movies" features Mac bravely rapping among ghoulish, red-eyed men in robes and a pack of sexy, twerking women (or, as we like to call them: The Twerking Dead). A preacher does his best to help compel the spirit out of Mac, but he just likes butts way too much and can't be saved. Poor guy.

Grab Mac Miller's Watching Movies With The Sound Off when it drops June 18!

+ Watch Mac Miller's "Watching Movies" video (NSFW).!

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Photo credit: Rostrum Records