Video Premiere: Driver Friendly, 'Run'

Watch Driver Friendly's "Run" video.

Driven Friendly get televised in their "Run" video.

We first got to know Austin seven-piece alt-rock troupe Driver Friendly (Nate Bazooka, Tyler Dagger, Andy Lane, Jeremi Mattern, Juan Lopez, Andy Rector, and Chris Walker) at the 2013 MTVU Woodies Festival when they told us about their favorite motto, "full bucket." (According to the band, if you're at the beach and you've got all your accessories -- sun block, flip flops, towel, cooler full of brewskis -- then you're having a "full bucket" kind of day.)

But the boys aren't just a band with a few catchy mottos. Channeling early-to-mid-aughts pop acts like Jimmy Eat World and OK GO with up-tempo songs like "Ghosts" and "Mesidonna," Driver Friendly recently released their latest EP, Peaks + Valleys and an aesthetically fascinating new "Run" video, where the guys rock out in a room lined wall-to-wall with TV screens. So, per their logic, the boys' new "Run" video is so "full bucket," that the "water" (or whatever's in the bucket) has actually spilled over the sides. Their bucket runneth over!

Watch Driver Friendly's "Run" video after the jump.

Off their new EP, Peaks + Valleys, and directed by Driver Friendly drummer Jeremi Mattern, "Run" features the guys in a bizarre, wall-to-wall "TVs only" room. Maybe a vacant room at NYC's Museum of Television and Radio??

"We filmed this video over the course of two nights in an abandoned school in Smithville, Tex.," revealed lead singer Tyler Welsh in a release. "We used over 30 TVs in the music video, and we found them in various garage sales or on Craigslist. The school only had a couple working electricity outlets so we bought huge extension chords that were over a hundred feet when combined."

Hmmm, sounds potentially... explosive. Perhaps like the band's live set? "The result is a powerful image, but also shows the energy and positivity we try to bring to to our live show," said Tyler. Ah, knew it!!

Set to "Run"'s hooky pop-rock track, Tyler and guitarist/vocalist Andy Lane put those TVs to good use as they watch their other band members on the screen. It's all very #META. Or, maybe even "Full Bucket"? We're still a smidgen unclear on what it really means to be "Full Bucket," so if you're out there, Driver Friendly, help a sister out and PIPE UP!

+ Watch Driver Friendly's "Run" video.

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Photo credit: Hopeless Records