Star Spotting: Start Your Morning Off Right With A 'Shirtless In Bed' Macklemore Selfie (PHOTO)

Macklemore rocks some new shades while shirtless in bed.

Macklemore. Shirtless. Bed. BYE!!

Macklemore just has a way with selfies, wouldn't you agree? He's already taken an "I DON'T GIVE TWO EFFS, JUDGE AWAY!!" selfie before his 2013 MTV Movie Awards performance, and who could forget his EPIC bath time "come relax in the tub with me" selfie? Now, the Branching Out Woodie winner's latest endeavor is a little something we like to call "check out my bulging muscles while I lay facedown in bed, under the guise of talking about new shades" selfie! Allow us to elaborate...

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Along with the above photo of the O Music Awards nominee lying in bed shirtless (and maybe bottomless? WE JUST CAN'T SEE, UGH), the "Thrift Shop" rapper captioned: "This that 'I just went into the gift shop of the hotel and came up on some 50% off Cazal's that have been chillen for 20 years' selfie." Just in case you've only worn Ray-Bans your entire life, we'll alert you to the fact that Cazal is a brand of sunglasses, and apparently Macklemore's hotel was having a half-off sale! That said, we are on to you, Mack! (Can we call you Mack??) Because sure, we're definitely down to looking at your new "glasses," but if you think for one second that we're not spending wayyyyyy more time thinking about you lying shirtless in bed (and potentially without pants), then you'd be sorely mistaken.

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Photo credit: Macklemore's Instagram