Star Spotting: Rihanna Wore A Dollar-Themed Dress On Her 'Diamonds World Tour,' And That's Not The Green We Were Expecting (PHOTOS)

Check out Rihanna's money-themed dress from her "Diamonds World Tour."

Meet Rihanna's money dress!

First came Justin Bieber's EPIC money-lined pants, and now we'd like to introduce you to Rihanna's ABSOLUTELY PERFECT dollar-themed halter dress! And OK, we're calling "late pass" on this juuuust a little, since as we learned from our pals at MTV Style, Ri's been rocking this money dress for the majority of her "Diamonds World Tour." And don't we all agree that a holographic money dress deserves to be written about OVER AND OVER?

Plus, it has to be said: We assumed that if Rihanna was going to wear ANYTHING green-colored, it'd be echoing another green thing entirely. Think: marijuana bride-green. Guess we can still be surprised!

Check out more photos of Rihanna's dollar-themed dress after the jump.

After her show in Manchester, England, last night, the "Pour It Up" singer went on an Instagram tear, posting tons of shots from the show. And, in between pics of her bare booty and her absurdly toned abs, Rihanna posted the above photo of herself "Shining Bright Like A Diamond," if you will, while rocking her money dress! And sure, Ri's "money halter dress" might not be as bold as her PERFECT DENIM THONG  or her weed-patterned maxi dress, but how #meta is it to think about Rihanna wearing a dress with money on it, which probably also cost a lot of money?! NEXT LEVEL philosophy, folks.

Check out Rihanna's money-themed dress from her "Diamonds World Tour."

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Photo credit: Rihanna's Instagram