Katy Perry's Popchips Commercial: Katy In Skintight Purple Spandex + Talking Cats In Wigs = HEAVEN (VIDEO)

Katy Perry talks cats and wigs in her new Popchips commercial

Katy Perry fights crime with wig-wearing cats in her new Popchips commercial! NO BIGGIE. 

Lately whenever we see Katy Perry, it's usually her looking the very picture of radiant and composed. Now, in her new Popchips ad, she's definitely still "radiant," but Katy's rocking QUITE another look -- one that is, how shall we say, head-to-toe PURPLE SPANDEX. ENOUGH SAID. But actually, not really, because did we mention that Katy's also chilling with a team of adorable talking cats? Who are wearing wigs??? Clearly someone is looking down on us today and saying, "LET'S MAKE YOUR DAY A LITTLE EXTRA SPECIAL."

Watch Katy Perry's AMAZING Popchips commercial after the jump.

In a spot aptly titled "Katy And The Popcats" (I mean, that name, WE DIE!), Katy and her troupe of wig-wearing, full-on human language-speaking cats (perhaps an homage to Katy's Katycats!?) gather in their high-tech Popchips lair to devise a plan to save the world from an evil villain, Fat Cat, who wants to feed people greasy "Fatty Snacks" chips. DRAMZ.

Not to worry -- Katy and her Popcats are on the case! A Katy vs. Fat Cat standoff ensues, and Katy and her troupe of STUNNING pink-wig wearing felines manage to blow up Fat Cat's lair, presumably destroying all of his fattening snacks. HEALTH VICTORY! But, in a dramatic twist, Fat Cat lives through the explosion and, well... TO BE CONTINUED. Really? We're left in suspense over talking cats? DAMN. Well, if you ever wondered what it was like to see a crime-fighting Katy Perry in purple spandex, then we'll tell you: IT'S HEAVEN. #WeMayNeverRecover.

Watch Katy Perry's AMAZING Popchips commercial

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