Celebrate Music Independence Day With MTV On July 4 (Obviously)


Join us for Music Independence Day on the Fourth of July!

Burgers and hot dogs grilling, fireworks popping, roof parties -- kinda sounds like the perfect Fourth of July, right? Almost, but something's missing -- MUSIC! Well, all y'all can calm down now, because, like Jason Mraz says, we've got "the remedy." On July 4, MTV, VH1, and CMT are teaming up for Music Independence Day, an all-day TV celebration with nonstop videos, performances, and music content from your favorite artists in hip-hop, rock, country, pop, bluegrass, indie, EDM, and more.

But we're not only celebrating well-known artists on Music Independence Day: Up-and-coming bands can also get their videos on TV! All you have to do is claim or create your page on MTV, VH1, or CMT's Artist Platform, and then opt into "Music Independence Day."  There, you'll have the opportunity to post music and videos to MTV, CMT, or VH1. You can help increase your page's visibility by asking your friends show their support via Facebook and Twitter (#MusicIndependenceDay), AND by buying music or leaving a "tip" through the Artist Platform Tip Jar.

See y'all on the Fourth! (And don't forget to save me a burger, K?)

Photo credit: T. Kyle MacMahon