Hilary Duff Sitting On An Alice In Chains Bench Is The Opposite Of Sad Keanu (PHOTO)

Hilary Duff sits on an Alice In Chains bench.

Hilary Duff sitting on an Alice In Chains bench is just BEGGING to be Photoshopped...

You know something? We NEVER would have pegged former Disney starlet and new mom Hilary Duff as an Alice In Chains fan. I mean, we say that for all of the obvious reasons -- most Alice In Chains Stans tend to be on the testosterone-y side. Like, lots of flannel, long hair, '90s nostalgia, and maybe some pent-up authority issues. But now that we're seeing Hilary chilling on an Alice In Chains-emblazoned bus bench in Los Angeles, we're starting to question, like, EVERYTHING. Is the sky really blue? Did we really eat cereal for breakfast this morning? Does Pad Thai taste good? Or, maybe we should just blurt out a signature Keanu Reeves "WHOA." Because that's all we can do -- stare dumbly at the computer screen with a blank, derp-y expression.

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Happy Hilary Duff takes a seat next to Sad Keanu Reeves.

...Next to Sad Keanu Reeves!!

But now that we're talking about Keanu, we kinda had a little epiphany -- happy Hilary Duff sitting on an Alice In Chains bench is totally the opposite of Sad Keanu!! Hey, maybe "The Matrix" star should think about joining her on this bus bench? Because there's really nothing more uplifting than placing your butt on Layne Staley. (Um, well, that's what we've heard -- we've never actually done it. And nor do we want to.) Or, if you're really looking to have some Photoshop fun, why not combine Hilary and Sad Keanu on the AIC bench? But now that we're looking at it, it's just... kinda... the saddest Hollywood scene... ever. Jeeze, now we're all bummed out. Why did we do this again?

Photo credit: WENN/Sad Keanu Tumblr