New Video: Skylar Grey, 'Wear Me Out'

Watch Skylar Grey's "Wear Me Out" video.

Skylar Grey takes a sexy camping trip in her "Wear Me Out" video.

We've never been good at camping -- correction: I'VE never been good at camping. I shudder at the idea of no cell phone service, my thumbs itch to text someone (phantom text syndrome), and my brain will almost literally shatter if I can't get my morning caffeine. (None of this "instant coffee" BS, OK?) And don't take email access away from me, or YOU will shatter. On the other hand, if I could take a camping trip like pop singer-songwriter Skylar Grey does in her new video, "Wear Me Out," then maybe I'd change my tune on nature. MAYBE.

Watch Skylar Grey's "Wear Me Out" video after the jump.

The next single from Skylar's Don't Look Down album, out July 9, "Wear Me Out" has the "C'Mon Let Me Ride" singer on a sexy camping trip with some friends, where she's chilling by the fire, playing piano (yep, in the woods. Not going to think of the logistics involved with getting a piano in the woods), looking just fine sans makeup, and, best of all, getting it on with a hot, bearded guy. A hot bearded guy who apparently "wears her out." Is it hot in here, or are we just sitting too close to the campfire? Talk about PITCHING A TENT. OK, no more lewd jokes. For now.

+ Watch Skylar Grey's "Wear Me Out" video.

Photo credit: Interscope Records