Austin Mahone Meets His Dream Girlfriend, Mila Kunis (VIDEO)

Austin Mahone confessed his love for Mila Kunis on “Live From MTV”!

When Austin Mahone stopped by for his “Live From MTV” interview yesterday, we may or may not have put him through the ringer juuuust a bit. We made him do push-ups and participate in a pie-eating contest merely for our amusement (sorry, dude), buuuut we also talked about his new video, “What About Love,” and asked him deeply important questions like who he would take with him on a desert island. And his answer? “Oz: The Great And Powerful” star Mila Kunis! (We’re assuming he’d take Mila’s “Oz” character over Meg Griffin from “Family Guy.”)

Watch Austin Mahone “meet” his dream girl, Mila Kunis, at “Live From MTV” after the jump.

That’s right: Austin Mahone STRAIGHT-UP professed his love for Mila Kunis during his “Live From MTV” interview with Christina Garibaldi and Buzzworthy’s Tamar Anitai. What can we say? Dude’s got good taste! And the best part is that we just so happened to have a Mila Kunis cardboard cutout lying around. Can you believe the luck?? Austin certainly seemed pleased, and even greeted Mila’s cutout with a sweet kiss on the cheek.

Far be it from us to speculate, but we can only imagine what Austin would’ve done if Mila had been there in the flesh. Or if he’d been alone with the cardboard cutout. Don’t look at us like that! We’ve seen Miley Cyrus’ Harry Styles cardboard cutout photo! Nothing’s off limits! Plus, we’re sure Mila would’ve been TOTALLY flattered. Even if she is over a decade older than Austin. (Austin, you’ve got some turning 18 to do, my friend.)

+ Watch Austin Mahone “meet” his dream girl, Mila Kunis, at “Live From MTV.”

Photo credit: MTV

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