New Video: The Lonely Island Featuring Robyn, 'Go Kindergarten' (NSFW) (VIDEO)

Diddy and Paul Rudd hit the club where The Lonely Island tell them to perform absurd tasks in "Go Kindergarten."

Diddy and Paul Rudd hit the club in The Lonely Island's "Go Kindergarten" video.

It can be SUPER hard to keep up with songs that require an entire dance routine (see: "Gangnam Style," "Cotton Eyed Joe," "One Cent, Five Cent, Ten Cent, Dollar," "Macarena," "The Electric Slide," "The Hustle"... Whoops, did we lose you?). But no matter what the routine, we have perfect faith in Diddy's ability to keep up -- heck, dude even CREATES dances (#DiddyJetDance). On the other hand, an awkward soul like Paul Rudd might have a little trouble adapting to the clurrrb, which is exactly the problem in The Lonely Island's new video, "Go Kindergarten," featuring Robyn.

Watch The Lonely Island featuring Robyn's "Go Kindergarten" video after the jump.

The latest clip from The Lonely Island's newly released The Wack Album, "Go Kindergarten" has Paul Rudd feeling a little hesitant about this whole "club" thing at first, but the Bad Boy President promises he'll be taken care of. Once inside, The Lonely Island and Robyn (who look a lot like The Black Eyed Peas in "I Gotta Feeling") begin an electro-tinged performance that includes yelling out the most absurd dance steps imaginable: like, twerking, throwing their hands up, eating shoes, and whipping their d***s out. TOTALLY NORMAL.

On the other hand, The Lonely Island's instructions might seem less daunting if you're (a) ambidextrous, (b) are going into labor, and (c) feel comfortable stomping barefoot across broken glass. Among other things. See, Paul Rudd? Nothing to worry about! (But you might want to rethink that mustache -- Diddy didn't exactly invite you to Studio 54, OK?)

+ Watch The Lonely Island featuring Robyn's "Go Kindergarten" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: UMG