New Video: Mindless Behavior, 'Used To Be'

Watch Mindless Behavior's "Used To Be" video.

Mindless Behavior in MATCHING JACKETS. Enough said.

Between "All Around The World" and "Hello," Mindless Behavior have become so swaggy that we're not even sure we can call them kids anymore. But we kinda have to, right? Since literally NOT ONE MEMBER OF THE BAND is 18 yet? That kinda makes us feel a teensy bit weird, especially when Mindless' brand-new video, "Used To Be," features the bros singing about a love lost. Seriously?? I'm still waiting to fall in love, and these boys are already moving on to chick No. 2??? Dads, lock up your daughters right now!

Watch Mindless Behavior's "Used To Be" video after the jump.

In the Phil the God-directed clip, the mini-swaggers are all holed up in a mansion, sitting on giant king-size beds, and pining for their respective lost loves. Once they've had a chance to get some #feelings out, the bros, who are all wearing matching leather jackets, take to the mic stand to perform some very Usher in "U Got It Bad"-esque choreography.

As the "Keep Her On The Low" singers pine for the days their relationships used to be like "Jay and Beyoncé/ Brad and Angelina," they pause for an intricate dance breakdown (YESS!!!!) on the roof of their mansion. Because it's soooooo normal for less-than-18-year-olds to live in mansions unsupervised, right?! And regarding your "heartbreak," dudes, just remember that there are MANY fish in the sea. And that you have SO MANY YEARS LEFT TO FISH.

Watch Mindless Behavior's "Used To Be" video.

Photo credit: Interscope