Video Premiere: For The Foxes Featuring Allison Weiss, 'Running Back To You' (Lyric Video)

Watch For The Foxes' Running Back To You lyric video.

For The Foxes describe romantic love in their brand-new lyric video, "Running Back To You."

Did you know that 75 percent of love songs (rough guestimate) are all a lie? They're actually about falling out of love, or wishing that the object of your affection was in love with you. That's why it's a nice change of pace to hear a song like For The Foxes' "Running Back To You," which actually seems about a mutually shared love. Weird how that works!

Watch For The Foxes featuring Allison Weiss' "Running Back To You" lyric video after the jump.

Adding to the intimate feel of the new single are the handwritten animated lyrics from singer Nick Francis. (The band's last lyric video leaned on another, equally romantic, floral motif.) It's a nice touch for the gently synth-driven track, with its light-as-air vocal effects, and Francis' intertwined harmonizing with New York indie singer-songwriter Allison Weiss. (The song's melody calls to mind Robyn's "Dancing On My Own.")

"Lyrically this song is really close to me," Francis told us. "As soon as I began writing it I had crystal clear vision of how I wanted it to sound and Allison Weiss' voice complemented the song so well. This song has a very romantic '80s sound in the production, and lyrically describes my relationship with someone for the past seven years."

"There's a piece of you in every song I sing," Francis declares. See? Never mind what their record label suggests; there's some hope left for love after all. At least for a little while, anyway. "Running Back to You" is out today from Hopeless Records.

+ Watch For The Foxes featuring Allison Weiss' "Running Back To You" lyric video.

Photo credit: Mitch Wojcik

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