New Video: Golden Youth, 'Brother In The Morning Light'

Golden Youth bask in rustic, down-home jubilance for their "Brother In The Morning Light" video.

Golden Youth bask in rustic, down-home jubilance in their "Brother In The Morning Light" video.

Accidents can be good, right? I mean, they usually result in a stain on your blouse or uneven bangs, but every now and then, they turn into, well, HAPPY accidents. Take Golden Youth, for example: the once-experimental side project of Sacramento, Calif., indie singer/songwriters Stephanie Lauren and Kyle Monroe. Originally members of two separate bands, the pair came together to create an unexpectedly unique sound (DESPITE the hardcore She & Him vibes we were expecting). Playing pastoral yet rhythmic songs, it seems fitting that their brand-new "Brother In The Morning Light" video has the duo all up in rustic nature settings.

Watch Golden Youth's "Brother In The Morning Light" video after the jump.

"Brother In The Morning Light," the latest single from the band's just-released EP, Quiet Frame; Wild Light, is a misty cloud of atmospheric vocals and glittering chimes that recall the ethereal, polyphonic splendor of Jónsi. The clip itself begins in what looks like an abandoned farmhouse, and the first half cuts through individual shots of the duo and their accompanying band playing their instruments pretty much alone.

Stephanie sings with simple sincerity: "We move fast (the speed of sound)/ We're lost here (miles above the ground)/ We all want to know where to go/ Lost in the sound/ Far from the ground." It's not until the tune takes a massive decrescendo, however, that persistent hand claps and a Mumford & Sons-tastic rattling strum lead to the band convening in a wide open field for one final anthemic chorus.

So, next time you make a mistake -- and let's face it, who among us hasn't? -- don't ask "WHY, GOD, WHY?!" Because if Golden Youth has taught us anything, it's that accidents can sometimes have beautiful endings.

Grab Quiet Frame; Wild Light on iTunes, and check out more from Golden Youth here!

+ Watch Golden Youth's "Brother In The Morning Light" video.

Photo credit: Slospeak Records