Here Are 3 Things We Hope One Direction's New Fragrance, 'Our Moment,' Will Smell Like (PHOTO)

One Direction have finally released the photo and release date of their fragrance Our Moment.

What will One Direction's new fragrance, "Our Moment," smell like? Here are a few ideas!

While we're doing EVERYTHING within our power to vicariously live through One Direction (we follow and like every photo they post, we buy every shirt, doll, toothpaste tube, and onesie our budget will allow, and we've even tried to adopt a British accent -- ALLO! -- nope, never mind), there's just one element we were missing. Why can't we smell like 1D?!?! Ugh, so obvious, the answer is right under our nose. (LOL, HAD TO.) Today we can finally stop trying to cultivate an original 1D scent in our basement -- "Harry No. 17" may have started a small chemistry set fire -- because One Direction will officially release their first fragrance, "Our Moment," this fall!

The boys revealed their scent on Twitter today, and while we don't have the bottle in our hands just yet, we DO have a few ideas on what the new fragrance could smell like.*

1.) Voluminous Boy Band Hair: If "Our Moment" smelled anything like Harry Styles' endless hair, then obviously it would FLY off the shelves and need immediate restocking every hour, on the hour. Could you imagine? Or perhaps you could use a spritz here and a spritz there to create the perfect boy band follicle combo of Harry and Zayn Malik? Also: If this happened, it would finally complete the real doll that we've been mak--- we've said too much.

Check out the other things we think One Direction's fragrance, "Our Moment," will smell like after the jump.

2.) British Soccer Fields: It's no secret that the boys like to play rough and tumble on the soccer field -- or, "pitch" as they'd say in the U.K. They've even tried their hand at our version of football. So this scent COULD also be an olfactory mix of freshly cut grass blades, morning dew, and, of course, a bit of boy band sweat. Yup, that's the sound of cash registers chinging.

3.) Tattoo Parlors: What's another thing One Direction like to do as a group? (Besides sing, dance, look cute, and prank each other?) They like to get TATTOOS! Yep, the boys are absolutely COVERED with body ink, so maybe it's not too far gone a conclusion to suggest that their fragrance could smell like a tattoo parlor! We're talking freshly dipped ink, big burly biker dudes, disinfecting alcohol... OK, maybe that doesn't sound too good. But whatever -- it could be like a scratch-and-sniff sticker.

*One Direction's "Our Moment" press release says that their fragrance will ACTUALLY smell like "pink grapefruit, wild berries, red currants, jasmine, freesia, musk, and a touch of patchouli," but you know us. We like to play pretend.

Photo credit: Coburn Communications