New Song: Wu-Tang Clan, 'Family Reunion'

The Wu-Tang Clan get the whole gang back together on their new song, "Family Reunion."

A few things come to mind when we think of the Wu-Tang Clan: dark, cold, rough streets, illegal activities, dudes watching old kung-fu movies, and NO SMILES. So imagine our surprise when we heard the laid-back, cool, and dare we even say sunny-sounding new song, "Family Reunion," from the clan's upcoming album, A Better Tomorrow, dropping in July.

Now, we're not saying that the 36 Chambers dudes can't branch out from their hardcore rap roots -- the late Ol' Dirty Bastard was on Mariah Carey's "Fantasy," after all -- but still, we had no idea that gangstas ever let down their rough exterior! But we suppose thugs get invited to family reunions, too. Who could turn down fresh lemonade and a full buffet?!

Listen to Wu-Tang Clan's "Family Reunion" after the jump.

Produced in-house by the RZA and sampling The O'Jays' song of the same name, "Family Reunion" is a celebration of the hip-hip collective standing tall after 20 years. "It's good to see the Wu-Tang family under one roof/ We celebrate, toastin' shots, Ciroc 40 proof/ Burgers on the grill and fried fish/ The wiz made potato salad, greens for a side dish," Masta Killa rhymes. (Man, that sounds good. Save us a plate for later, guys!)

Soon after, Method Man hops on the mic to rhyme about how proud he is of all his Wu-Tang fam has accomplished: "It's goin' down, we rock all in forever now/ Wu-Tang forever now/ 20 years later we still bang whatever now/ Turn change to cheddar/ If I could take a quote from Obama, change is better." OK, you got us -- 20 years as a family is DEFINITELY something to smile about, G or not!

+ Listen to Wu-Tang Clan's "Family Reunion."

Photo credit: Soul Temple Music