Taylor Swift Serves Up Hair-Flipping Realness, Major Eye Sex, And Guitar Solos During Her 'Red' Performance At The 2013 CMT Music Awards (VIDEO)


Taylor Swift seduced the ENTIRE audience with her "Red" performance at the CMT Music Awards.

Taylor Swift?? Is that YOU?! We thought we knew what a good show was when we saw you sing "22" in a unicorn shirt, but OMG! Can we get a million rounds of applause for Taylor's "Red" performance at the 2013 CMT Music Awards?? Because that might've been the sexiest thing we've ever seen, and we should know -- we've seen every Ryan Gosling movie ever made. We're sexy professionals. Wait, that sounded wrong.

Watch Taylor Swift's "Red" performance at the 2013 CMT Music Awards after the jump.

Taking the stage in a VERY leggy red-and-black bustier, Taylor sashayed, hair-flipped, and side-eyed her way through "Red" like a total pro. (We should also probably mention that this was the first time Taylor has performed "Red" at an awards show -- #Milestones!) But if it was her first time doing ANYTHING, you'd never know it. Surrounded by backup dancers waving red flags, not only did Taylor confidently strut her way across the stage in high-heeled combat boots and that, um, ENHANCING bustier, Taylor also "busted" (heh) out a WICKED mid-song guitar solo. And once her set was complete, Taylor didn't smile or make a surprised face or anything -- nope, she looked DEAD serious. Excuse me: DEAD SEXY serious.





+ Watch Taylor Swift's "Red" performance at the 2013 CMT Music Awards.

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