Hunter Hayes' 'I Want Crazy' Performance Gave Hayniacs Legit Crazy Eyes At The 2013 CMT Music Awards (VIDEO)

Hunter Hayes performs "I Want Crazy" at the 2013 CMT Awards.

Hunter Hayes performed "I Want Crazy" at the 2013 CMT Music Awards.

Y'all might not know it yet, but Hunter Hayes is totally the country music Justin Bieber. For one thing, he's about to embark on his "Let's Be Crazy Tour" tour with supporting act Ashley Monroe, he's got the Justin Bieber-brand muscles, he wears the tight tanks, he has the perfectly coiffed hair, and, well, he possesses THE ABILITY TO DRIVE THE LADIES EFFING WILD! Or, according to Hunter's performance of "I Want Crazy" at the 2013 CMT Music Awards, like, literally CRAZY EYES-insane. You know, the borderline wacko stare girls get when they see something they want! (Like Hunter, for example.)

Watch Hunter Hayes' performance of "I Want Crazy" at the 2013 CMT Awards after the jump.

Performing outside (as opposed to the indoor stage), the Male Video Of The Year nominee slayed his rendition of his smash hit, and even gave the audience props! And by "props" we literally mean sunglasses with the word "crazy" printed on the lenses. Because it's always good to express how you feel, no? So, if more than half the audience was losing it for the "Wanted" singer, then it's probably a good thing that they made their feelings so blatantly obvious! Communication is key! Also, isn't self-awareness a therapeutic coping mechanism? Or so we hear...

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